Monday, April 15, 2013

Body Pain + Inflamation

It is no secret that pain and sickness of every kind all derive from inflammation in the body, but how do you relieve the body of that inflammatory stress?

I talk to people everyday who are sick, in pain, and want to feel better. Along the way on my own journey to a stronger immune system, here are a few things I have found that have helped.

Before I give you the tips, remember, changing and behavior or creating a new life discipline takes time and hard work. Don't work too hard on the front end or you may throw the towel in before you've had a chance to feel better! Start slow, and change one thing at a time about your disciplines.

 I am also assuming also that you are aware of some of the obvious things, but if you are not, this list below is after you have mastered staying away from fast foods and processed foods. NEVER eat anything with High Fructose Corn Syrup, I'll blog on that later, or MSG ! (Did you know HFCS is in almost every loaf of bread on the market? and MSG is in almost every bag of potato chips and salad dressing! Shocking, I know! Always read labels!)

OK, I am giving you the top 3, there are a lot more, but these have been the the steady anchor for my health and are proven to help everyone despite the illness/health challenge.

1. Sleep.

When my doctor said, "how are you sleeping at night?" I said, I sleep great. I love to sleep, I can lay on the floor right now and take a nap." She explained that the amt. of sleep has nothing to do with it. The quality of sleep determines whether or not your body is properly repairing in the night. Since your body repairs at night, your sleep should be solid (un-interupted), and you should get REM, or "deep sleep". Here is a great article on how your sleeping:SLEEP
  • Go to bed earlier. Sleep as close to the Sun's schedule as possible to optimize melatonin production. You may consider talking to your doctor about taking a melatonin supplement.
  • Power down. Do not charge your phone next to your bed. Turn off your wifi at night and all other power in and around where you sleep. We have experimented with this and its true! More on EMF interrupting your brain resting here: Electropollution 

2. Water.

I personally drink 44-64 oz per day. When available, I drink 9.0 ph Alkaline water. If drinking water is hard for you, make it fun. Buy a dispenser container to keep in the fridge so you can monitor the amt. you are drinking. Fill it with lemon slices, cucumbers, or whatever makes it more exciting!
       For added oxygen to your red blood cells, add a few drops of chlorophyll (you can get plain or mint flavored).  This is also a cancer preventative, those red blood cells need to breath and if they are thriving they will work for your whole health!
       In addition to water drinking, green tea is also a great antioxidant,  and I have read that Japanese Green Tea is the best anti-cancer tea of the greens.

3. Starches

Starches are the big bad dudes that cause inflammation and body pain. So if you want to start somewhere, start there. Here's what to cut out:
  • White Flour (or all grain/flour)
  • White potatoes
  • White Rice (or all rice)
  • Sugar 
Think of starches in terms of carbs.  The more carbs your body takes in, the harder your body has to work to process that food. The harder your body works to process food, the less energy it has to heal itself, as it was designed to. To get rid of inflammation you sinply have to take all the props out of the way so your body can simply "do it's job".

Again, there are many more, but start here, and I'd love to hear you share your stories and testimonies!

to life!


  1. Thanks Gina, good basics that should be easy to incorporate...gotta work,on the starch and the sleep myself. Thanks again!

    1. Laura, start with the sleep. If your body can repair itself more freely you'll find any diet changes more effective. To health!

  2. Oh man, am I in trouble. I don't sleep. I'm luck if I am in bed by 1AM. I charge my cell phone next to my bed. I don't drink adequate water and it's as struggle to stay off the sugar. Ugh! Thanks though, I need this.

    1. Barbie, perhaps you should cut back on starches rather than cut them out, and work on getting consistent with #1 & #2 first. Remember, too much at once can shut you down all together. Grace!