Saturday, March 8, 2014

Bitter Melon to Lower Blood Sugar

I'd like to start a conversation about blood sugar. It has been documented by several sources that bitter melon reduces blood sugar levels, and however effective this may be for type 2 diabetics, as a T1D mom, we know that T1 and T2 are not the same condition.

The reason I want to talk about bitter melon is because there is something deep inside my soul that says, "God has an answer for diabetes", and not just to prevent it. I don't want to get into all the potential causes, but until she is completely healed, I personally want to explore some possible blood sugar reducers which can possible reduce the amount of artificial insulin. 

So first, I want to ask, have you heard about bitter melon? Have you tried it? Well, to the average American it tastes N-A-S-T-Y. So what we did was juiced it and took "shots". Then I let my daughter chase it with milk or something else. We didn't notice anything dramatic, but over the course of the two weeks she was taking it, we did get some lower bs readings. It was hard to use my daughter as a "control" subject though because at the time she was sneaking food a lot and we just had so many other issues to combat. 

So we took a break from raw bitter melon then a few months ago we bought some over the counter Bitter Melon in capsules at Sprouts. (What a fabulous grocery store this is!) She began taking one with each meal, and keeping track of her food intake (which has really helped the sneaking). Since the consistency, we are noticing more "regular" bs readings, which mean less "correcting" and less insulin.

I would LOVE to hear from you! Have you tried bitter melon for diabetes? What were your results? Do you have any good articles you can post on this? 

Thanks for sharing!

Oh! here's a link if your looking to purchase the capsules online: