Monday, August 6, 2012

40-Days of Wellness

Today is a big day. It marks 40 days of wellness for me! I haven't spoken too much publicly about my health battle, other than some facebook posts, but I have had this on again-off again deteriorating immune system. There has been no physical medical reason for it other than a combination of smaller variables, like low vitamin D (which every American has) etc.

In an effort to minimize my chronic throat flare ups and sinus infections (usually about 6-10 per year) I had my tonsils out May 24 of this year. My immune system was outraged, and in return I was hit with some mega virus. I decided that would be the "last virus"!

Prior to June 26th of this year, I was sick on average 2 days out of every week, which in January of this year increased to only two non-sick days in between "bugs".  My kids thought I was dying because they pretty much only saw me in bed when I was home. After the tonsillectomy, I spent many hours online researching how to boost my immune system, and that's when I found the blog that changed my life.

One of the first articles I read was about the Coconut Smoothie. I was intrigued, and desperate. I live down the street from several Asian markets, so my husband ran out and got me some Raw Young Coconuts. [you can look and see if there is a ranch 99 near you here]

So today was my 40th day eating a raw coconut. (Well, one day I had to settle for coconut water canned, but that was it!) Most days I made the smoothie on Chris' website, but if I couldn't for some reason, I at least had the coconut.  (click here for the Coconut Smoothie Recipe)

I did do other things too, but the coconut was consistent every day. [Benefits of Eating Fresh Coconut Here]

So how has my life changed so far?
  1. When I have felt worn down I normally would wake up sick the next day. So far at least 4 times my body's immune system kicked in and I didn't get sick!
  2. I had only enough energy to make it til 2 pm or so each day. So when I would get home, I couldn't cook, do laundry, or anything! In the last week I have taken the kids out (totally new thing), worked in the garden, caught up on laundry, cooked meals, shopped, in addition to just getting back from a kids camp!
  3. Before, I was very foggy headed and needed that caffeine in the morning, mid-day, and sometimes even before bed. Now, I am going 2-3 days before feeling the urge for a little coffee, I have no headaches, and my mind is thinking so clearly.
  4. The coolest thing, is that my kids now LOVE coconut and line up at the counter for a sip of the water each morning, and I pour them each a little of the raw shake. They think its sweeter than candy! (Oh, and they are off sugar now too!)
I hope I have encouraged you to go after a coconut a day! And hey, if you have a good knife suggestion, please pin it below, we're in the market for a better one!