|Our Diabetes Story|

It was September 4th, 2008, I was three months pregnant with my 5th child and my grandpa had just passed away. We went up to Redding where the funeral would be and stayed with family for a few days. My 2nd born daughter, 6 years old at the time, had been complaining of a rash and her peeper burning when she went to the bathroom. But it was late August, it was hot, she was in a wet swimsuit running around outside a lot, so i thought maybe it was a yeast infection. I started putting cornstarch powder on her after baths and then while away at our families she wet the bed, first time in her life. It was so random. Then she wet the bed a second time. I knew something was off. She was constantly drinking saying how thirsty she was. She was also constantly eating saying she felt like she was "starving". Though she is very dramatic in nature, I knew after she wet the bed I better have her checked out. 

On the way home from my grandpa's funeral I told my husband I'd better get her to the ER, that I thought she had a bladder infection. I dropped him and the kids off at home and then took her to ER. They tested her urine and thats when the diagnosis came. Her blood sugar was 565. (If you don't know about blood sugar, thats very bad.)

I was thinking they'd give us some medicine and send us home, I had no idea. The doctor said, "call your husband, have him bring you three days worth of clothes, you guys are going to the Pediatric ICU and you'll be there a while.

It was a long week, that week. Six years later, I think the shock is just now wearing off. For us, there were a few other things that were happening in our lives that also produced great trauma at the same time, which though they are a part of the story, I don't want to go into in public. Because of the other traumas, I am finding myself now more emotionally equipped to actually look Diabetes square in the face and deal with it.

The first few years we had Medi-cal insurance and the system actually was amazing for treating Diabetes in the county we were in. The doctors, the support, everything was just super helpful. We felt encouraged and supported through the initial stages of getting her on insulin, the insulin pump, and regular parent support.

We often felt because of our faith we were different than other diabetics we were around at times. Because we believed that at any moment the Lord could heal her and we didn't want to get 'comfortable' and 'attached' to the illness. We knew too many people whose life struggles were their identity and we wanted our daughter to have her identity in Christ and not Diabetes.

We knew their had to be a balance of accepting and treating the reality in front of us, but maintaining an "unsettled" grip on it. We decided that it is "The" Diabetes, not "My" Diabetes. It is a condition that is not Eternal, and so whether healed here in eternity, it doesn't belong to us.

The last couple years as I have also been struggling with autoimmune issues I began to research more and more natural health therapies. In my research, I found several testimonies of people correcting various diseases through natural remedies and therapies. I began to think to myself, "if people can heal themselves of cancer, why not diabetes?"

I was told by the doctors that she would live on insulin, FOREVER. That there was no cure, and that she should just eat what she wants so she stays in a good place mentally, and just correct her blood sugar with insulin.

Well, all of the above I found to be untrue. *insert sad face*.

Through my research I have found that there indeed are Type 1 Diabetics who have reversed their condition and live without insulin. I also heard 2 testimonies (not first hand, but gave me hope) of divine healing of Type 1.

The First Reality that I had to wake up to, is that she should not eat what ever she wants and just correct with insulin.

Before diabetes I didn't let my kids eat whatever they wanted! Why was I letting her now?? I remember vividly in the hospital they gave her sugar free jello and soda. They were praising the fact that the 0 carbs made these such good snacks for her. I never let me kids eat artificial sweeteners and now suddenly we were giving her these things. My head was spinning.

The other thing, like "cake" for example, giving her whatever she wants means more carbs = more insulin. Was giving her more insulin safe? What is this synthetic medicine made out of? Its not like Im giving her medicine for 7 days and then its over. Its getting a shot after every meal, FOREVER. What the crap! (pardon my french!)

The Second Reality I woke up from, is that actually,  living on insulin is not acceptable.

Because we already had other traumas (which included testing at UcDavis Mind Institute with Pediatric Neurology) we had already researched and found that vaccines were unsafe for our children. Because of our decision not to vaccinate, we knew the process of how vaccines were made and the ingredients contained in them such as 'formaldehyde' and even 'MSG'. (Here is a government document which details the ingredients in all U.S. vaccines: http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/pubs/pinkbook/downloads/appendices/B/excipient-table-2.pdf)

So what are they making insulin out of? How long has it been around? How safe is it?

Most likely if you live in the U.S. you are using Synthetic Human Insulin which was developed in the early 80s and has been used for the last ten years in the US, and now the only insulin available through most insurances. I wondered why I couldn't chose what insulin to give my daughter when she showed signs of resistance to a particular brand. This led me to research types of insulins and resistance issues. Here is a good article on the History of Human Insulin.

So naturally I am thinking, "If the insulin every American is on today (which Americans have the highest rate of diabetics) has only been around for ten years, no one is alive right now who had been giving themselves this synthetic human insulin their whole life." This began to really concern me that my child is a science experiment and there was nothing I could do about it.

My goals became clear fast. First- our family needed to all get on board and get healthier together.  Second - my daughter needed to consume fewer carbohydrates so I could (bandaid solution) give her lesser insulin. Third- well, i needed much more support and research. These are just the practical things of course, we also continue to pray for her and take her to the Healing Rooms and other places for healing prayer.

So here we are, trying to eat healthier, researching ways to naturally solve diabetes, lower blood sugar, and anything else we can do on our end until the Lord heals. This is our story.

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