Saturday, March 9, 2013

Sore Throat Relief

 Throat Relief? YES! I have had too many sore throats to count, but guess what friends... I actually found a concoction that worked!
     The doctor said my chronic throat pain has been from allergies, stomach acid, and clearing my throat too much. Maybe they are right, but this last sore throat was so bad I actually took motrin! (which I never do because, yes, the next day my tummy was jacked up) So I decided to ask Dr. Google for some new home remedies to try, I mean I've had sore throats for 20 years, YES, 20 years!!
     First, I have to confess, I knew that Apple Cider Vinegar was good for sooooo many things, but I would never, i mean never, succumb to let it touch my lips, but I was desperate. I found these ingredients online and adjusted them a bit to suit my weak and queazy tummy. I drank this about 11 am, then again about noon, and poof! Sore throat KICKED! Yeah Baby!

Sore Throat Remedy Recipe:

1 Fresh Organic Lemon Squeezed (use every drop!)
2 Heaping TBSP Organic Honey
2 Capfuls (or more if you can handle it) Apple Cider Vinegar
1/2 Cup Boiled Water

Mix the first three together in a cup, add the boiled water, stir until honey is completely dissolved, and drink up! Smells like vinegar, but does not taste bad at all!

to health!