People tried to talk to me for a long time about trying Essential Oils, and frankly, I was trying to change my diet, care for a Type-1 Diabetic child, juice, grow my own probiotics, make my own sourdough... did I mention we are in full-time ministry with 5 kids? It was like one more thing that my brain couldn't fit in.

Then last year a friend of mine visited and she showed me how they work and I began trying them. Soon, all my friends were using them, and then I found out I could easily add these to my regiment for wellness for my family and I. We were blessed with some oils so that we could begin trying them. Once we were trying them, we were hooked. We used them for everything and often found ourselves saying, "Don't we have an oil for that"?

We began using Essential Oils in May, 2014, and I wanted to use them regularly and understand them more before I began posting anything about them or giving info out. So a disclaimer is that I am not a medical advisor, it is solely our intention to share what we are doing with our nutrition on our blog as a reference for the many people we find ourselves in conversation with daily about health and nutrition. So this is completely our story, our findings, not to be taken as the end all for your health.

Oils on the Skin

Have you ever taken a medication in the form of a cream? Several years ago I had been taking a hormone replacement medication and it seemed like I kept having side effects. I was off them for a while and trying to find something that would work better. I found a natural cream I began using and it was working so incredibly well! So I went in to talk to my doctor about it. I showed him what I was using and told him how good the results had been. He told me that sometimes the medication is not the problem but the way it is distributed to the body is. 

He explained to me that when a medication (natural or synthetic) is delivered through the skin, it goes right into the blood stream and is delivered instantly, bypassing all the necessary organs for digestion, etc. In turn, that also causes it to be more 'potent' with less, or in my case, no side effects.

So when I first found out about Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils instantly I remembered what my doctor said- the oil is like the medicine on the skin being delivered directly into my bloodstream. This presented two problems. 

The Implications of Medicinal Oils

First, Essential Oils are Medicinal and I was not qualified, in my opinion, to prescribe 'medicine' (natural or otherwise) to my body or anyone else's. If these were indeed going to be used at the very least as nutritional supplements, I needed to understand how to use them, when to and not to use them, and what each of them could be used for. That meant I was going to do a lot more reading than I had time for. I decided to study one oil at a time and base the importance of what to learn about first on my families needs.

As I mentioned earlier, I was already doing so many things at home to bring wellness to my family through the diet we ate and drank, I didn't think we needed any more supplements. Turned out the essential oils didn't just add to our healthy diet, I actually began replacing other things I was doing with them.

The point where we introduced Essential Oils to our life was when we crossed the line of not just keeping the bad stuff out of the house, but we were on the upswing of bring some new and good things into our bodies. It was good timing. (I want to take a moment to say that timing is everything. Changing your health /diet is overwhelming, you can't change everything at once. If you are considering trying essential oils, consider the timing. Do you have a lot of other 'new' things happening right now? If you want them to really benefit you, you want to stick with it, use them steady and long term, not just a fad. Timing will help you keep up your new good habits.)

Secondly, Essential Oils are not cheap! What if they worked? How would I be able to afford it? By God's grace I have been able to replace other things I was doing with oils which has saved me money and I have had others help me. What I had to decide was, "Is this an answer to our health for the long run?" If I can get the chemicals out of my house and over the counter medicines, and use these oils for everything, at the least it would be a wash. If others signed up with me and I got commissions from my teams' monthly orders, that would be a big bonus! So it was win-win.

Are all Essential Oils the Same?

No. I have done a lot of research, as I mentioned, before I would even post anything publicly, I wanted to make sure I knew what I was talking about. I have spent over 100 hours reading, studying, and watching informational videos, lawsuits between companies, etc. So we decided to use Young Living brand oils. This is what we feel comfortable with. I enjoy the research and recipe blends I find from other brands, but what goes into my body and my family is Young Living.

Interested in buying oils from us?

You can send me a contact form and I will call you, or log on to Young Living's website if you already know what you want and just plug in my consultant # and our family will get the credit. This is a great way to help support our family and get great health benefits at the same time!

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