Friday, December 23, 2011

Jewish Feasts and Traditions

I have been dying to read this book for a long time. My family is very interested in Jewish holidays and celebrations, their origins, and customs. Though we are not Jewish, as people who serve Jesus, who is Jewish, we have grown to love Jewish people and sought after getting to know and understand them, their culture, and the Biblical commands regarding Judaism.

I was so excited to receive this book from a dear friend this Christmas (Hanukkah!) We are enjoying learning about Hanukkah right now, and it really is changing how we view and celebrate Christmas.

One quick interesting thing is that Jesus was most likely conceived on December 25th, of the Jewish calendar! AND, the first day of the FIRST Hanukkah according to Jewish Calendar, was also December 25th! So Who cares about those old pagan celebrations, I say we celebrate the festival/feast of Lights-- Jesus, the light of the world!

Pretty Cool In My Book!
- gina

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