Thursday, December 22, 2011

DIY Baby Girl Bunting

So after the idea for the bunting on the shower invite, what else but to make bunting for the shower?! There's only one place in the SF Bay I roam when I'm feeling that creative bug, yup, SCRAP! Have you ever been there? I feel warm and fuzzy there, it's my favorite, but my hubby calls it my "mother ship".
So off to SCRAP! we went-  here are the finds...
Next, I cut the various fabrics into triangles. (note: at SCRAP! you can get a paper bag of fabric remnants for $10 !) I didn't measure or anything, I just cut one and then used that one for my template.
You should I also know, I don't sew.  So, if I can do this, so can a monkey.
Next, I took this roll of cloth ribbon (also from scrap) and put 2 triangles together, and ran the brown ribbon between. I sewed a rough quick stitch across the length of the ribbon, adding a triangle every two inches or so.
After I had about 13 triangles hanging, which was almost ten feet i think, I did it again so I ended up with two long banners. Then I went back and sewed, quick and rough, the other two edges of the triangles. Finally, I trimmed the excess threads and then trimmed the fabric where is was a little too shabbily crooked :)
Next, it was ready to hang. I didn't get a good picture of it the day of the shower but snapped this one the night before when I hung it.
You may notice the tulle in the background, I got a roll of brown tulle for $2 at JoAnn's Fabrics  (speaking of which, do you have the JoAnn iphone app? They will take the coupons right off your phone, and Michael's take's JoAnn's coupons too!) and weaved it through and made a puffy gather at the end of the bunting. Everyone said it looked great!
- gina

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