Thursday, December 22, 2011

$11 DIY Shabby Chic Dresser

Of all my kids, my number two girl has the most clothes. I don't think its because she loves to shop or gets more clothes given to her than the other kids, I actually think its because she grows the least. Her clothes just keep accumulating and every few months we have to weed through them and re-evaluate what were keeping to pass on.
So the time came when her previous dresser finally saw its last dying breath as the clothes seeped there way out of the side of every crack breaking the cheap IKEA bottom right out of it! The old dresser wen tot the garage, and the new dresser was yet to be found, primarily because buying new furniture is not my M.O.
The girls piled in the car and we did what I call "drive-by garage sale-ing". This is where I don't really want to get out of the car, have no money, and kinda hope I don't find anything cause I really just want to be responsible by looking for something for her.
It was the first street we turned down, sitting at the end of a court, with a sign on it that said "free". I yelled "hallelujah!" and backed up the mini van!
Here is was when it arrived in my garage (minus the knobs I had already removed)
The first thing I had to decide was what color it was gonna to resemble in the end... as you can see it had been painted a few times before. My daughter wanted blue with green polkadots, so we kinda compromised... I mixed a Cobalt Blue and Bright Yellow Acrylic to get a nice Turquoise. Here's the supplies I used. (I only had to buy 3 knobs and the spray lacquer which added up to $11)
I sanded it once, then added a white base coat I had in the garage already.
Next, I sanded again to get some of those colors underneath to poke through...
Wiped down the sanding, then color stain...
Wipe off the color, and repeat several times with wet rag...
We compromised on diamonds instead of polkadots, and I mixed a nice chartreuse to match the old yellow paint that poked through...
Sanded a little more, then varnish, and add the knobs!
Finished and in the room!
Happy DIY-ing!

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