Saturday, February 3, 2018

Vitamin & Supplement Choices for 2018

Hello fellow health enthusiasts!

Just a quick post, much has changed since I last wrote a blog here on my healthy site! Here are a few updates and then lets get to my Vitamin Choices for 2018! In the last year...
I actually gained about 25 pounds. I am not proud, it was a hard year for eating right. With that said, I am thankful for the new year! I fell off the wagon in drinking my coconut smoothie, my kefir water, and my ketogenic cycling, but I was faithful to keep using my oils and even gained a wider arsenal of Young Living vitamin knowledge! YAY! (If your curious about anything I mention, just leave a comment and I'll write a post on the suggested topics :)

And over in Type 1 Diabetes Land...

It was a rough year for my teen Type 1 also. Seemed like we followed the pattern. We both did not eat well, had massive emotional ups and downs, gained a few pounds, oh we started going to the gym together! Annnnnddd then we quite together too. :(

We are planning to start a keto cycle soon, just mentally working up to it. 

So, Vitamins & Supplements. Here are my favorite choices right now! Drumroll Please...

MEGACAL... Dilatable Calcium

I throw it in my morning shake (coconut water base) or I have just been adding it to my water with a drop of lemon oil.

MINDWISE... Liquid

We are all using this in my house. With our brain fog and trauma we have been through we all decided we needed extra mental support this year. Another one we finally ordered was Brain Power. 


I began taking one a day to boost my immune system. I added this to my Immune System regiment and I felt so much stronger. I needed something more this month, and this was it!

SUPER C - kinda goes without saying...

I have been using Trader Joes Vitamin C crystals in my water for YEARS, but decided I needed to go with a daily. My immune system was never strong enough to handle a vitamin like this before, so I would use a few crystals in my water on "low" days. Now, I am able to handle taking a lot more. I am super thankful!

I hope these recommendations help you, and of course if you would like to talk about Young Living products, please contact me, I'd love to help!


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