Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What I made WEDNESDAY!

I am linking up today with Shirley over at the Orange Windmill...


so I had so much fun crafting my Little Hannah's Birdie Hair Pins I decided to put some in my ETSY Shop!

I have also had a lot of vintage lace and flower inspiration... so here are a couple other new creations...

shop handmade!
          And... Happy Wednesday!



  1. Hi! I'm stopping by from BNRBabes team on Etsy! Can't seem to find the GFC widget, but I'm trying to be your newest follower.
    The birdie pins are adorable!

  2. Hey Kim! ya, actually GFC is no longer! Google re-did everything... they want you to use Google Plus and +1 and have "circles" in google plus :/ thanks for visiting!! - gina

  3. Neat little crafty items Gina! I wish I had your talent!